From our Ballarat Funerals Vault

April 10, 2018

Ballarat Funerals HIstoryF.W. Barnes and Son’s history of funerals in Ballarat goes back in to the 1800s.  From the vault this week shows where the old and the new of the F.W. Barnes and Son logos began.

The  F.W.Barnes and Son name first appeared in around 1916.  Prior to that the Jordan and Tippet logo had remained whilst under Barnes ownership. It’s interesting to note the use of the term Furnishing Undertakers.  In real terms this meant the company undertook to provide the services associated  with funerals.  The company also provided hearse and coach hire.

In previous advertising the company’s address was always given as Armstrong Street South (near the City Hall). This is one of the few adverts we have that gives the address as 14 Armstrong Street South, but again the tag “Near City Hall”.  We assume that perhaps this was seen as a place of prestige or perhaps it was just that everyone knew where city hall was?

This is also an early advert where the telephone number of “79” is provided.  We’re not sure how often the phone would have rung as a telephone would have been an extreme luxury in the early days, but they certainly were progressive.