From our Ballarat Funerals Vault

April 17, 2018
It’s always interesting to look at old photos, and photos of Ballarat funeral services are no exception. This old photograph’s details have been lost to the years but it looks as if this might be of a funeral service in Ballarat from the very early ‘20s with two hearses and two funeral directors standing proud as the procession proceeds across Sturt Street from Armstrong Street South. We can assume the procession is from the F.W.Barnes and Son premises at 14 Armstrong Street South.
There’s a large crowd of people on the footpaths. Cars, bicycles and horse and gigs make up the picture. The crowd spills out on to the street in this most public outpouring of grief. 
We make the assumption that the funeral precession was moving towards the cemetery or to a church where a religious service would have taken place.
This old funeral service photograph prompts us to reflect on the value of the moment of farewell. We certainly don’t gather in the ways we did in the past but for many of us an observance of our faith is still something that we need following the death of a loved one.
There are also many people for whom faith does not play a role in funeral services and so we call on our civil celebrants to help us mark this time. The gathering of family and or friends is what appears to matter most.
The challenge in the modern world is probably the same as it was in this picture. We face it every day. We must work together to find ways of conducting  meaningful farewells that reflect the individual whilst respecting culture, religion, gender, ethnicity and personal choice. All the while we still need to respect the need for cost-effectiveness.
Turning back to the photograph itself, if anyone has details about the photo of this historic Ballarat funeral service please get in contact with us.