Monthly Archive: May 2018

Ballarat Funerals – Your Goodbye – Who is a funeral for?

May 22, 2018This week at F.W.Barnes & Son, Ballarat Funerals we continue our look into the “Your Goodbye” videos.  These come from an effort by the Australian Funeral Directors Association to get society talking about funerals.  What do they mean?  Why do we bother?  How have they evolved?  The questions simply go on forever.  F.W. Barnes and...
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From our Ballarat Funerals Vault – Snow day

May 8, 2018The date tag to this photo show it as 2011, but to be truthful we are not sure of the exact date or even who’s funeral is about to be held. The day obviously held a special moment for one family and for the staff member at F.W. Barnes and Son who took this photo...
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