Ballarat Funerals – Your Goodbye – How important is it to talk about grief and death?

May 29, 2018

At F.W.Barnes and Son, Ballarat Funerals, we know how important it is to talk about grief and death.  But for many of our friends and family we know these topics are still spoken of in hushed tones.  This weeks video from the Australian Funeral Directors Associations series of Your Goodbye videos is an effort to bring this valuable topic into the open for us all to gently share in.

We often have families or people on their own come into our Pleasant Street Funeral home, to talk a little about death and what will happen at that moment.  We hope that the information we can give is comforting and practical. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction and personal enrichment to be here to talk to about all facets of a funeral.  We’d also love to be able to see these conversations continue on privately in the family home where families can have the same discussions amongst themselves.

It is through talking about whats in front of all of us that we will learn more about each other and in turn ourselves.  Whilst the Dali Lama said “the purpose of life is to be happy” and being morbid brings no happiness we can however all agree that ignorance of death will only bring sadness.