Ballarat Funerals – Your Goodbye – How important is it to talk about your funeral?

May 15, 2018

At F. W.Barnes & Son, Ballarat Funerals we know the value of a moment of farewell.  But for too many years funeral service and the rituals surrounding it have been shrouded in mystery and the topic of death and dying is taboo.   At F.W.Barnes & Son we know that families need to talk about funerals and share their thoughts about what their wishes are.  Too often we have seen grieving and mourning families sitting with us and they have no idea how to proceed.  The conversation about funerals and farewells has never been held.  In an age where we often don’t identify with formal religious organisations it has never been more important to talk about our wishes.

This video is the first in a series of eight that the Australian Funeral Directors Association developed to help emphasise the value of talking about what we want our funeral to be.

This weeks video from the ‘Your Goodbye” series asks you to consider how important is it to talk about your funeral?


Talk with your family and friends about the kind of farewell that works for you.  Don’t let it be a morbid moment but rather a chance to share the things that are important to you.