Ballarat Funerals – Your Goodbye – Who is a funeral for?

May 22, 2018

This week at F.W.Barnes & Son, Ballarat Funerals we continue our look into the “Your Goodbye” videos.  These come from an effort by the Australian Funeral Directors Association to get society talking about funerals.  What do they mean?  Why do we bother?  How have they evolved?  The questions simply go on forever.  F.W. Barnes and Son has served the Ballarat community as funeral directors since 1895 and has tried to understand trends, shifts and changes to that moment of farewell more than most.  We feel its beholding on the firm to try and further the conversation.  The thought process around who is a funeral for is not perhaps as simple as we might think.  We often think of those who have died when we talk about a funeral, but what of the living?  What do we need in our moment of farewell?  How we will be effected and what does the mourning experience hold for us?

We have probably never has a moment in history were we have had a better chance to research and consider all that life and maybe even death has in store.  Have the conversation, it’s time.

This weeks video from our “Your Goodbye” series asks the thought provoking question of “Who is a funeral for?”