From our Ballarat Funerals Vault – Snow day

May 8, 2018

The date tag to this photo show it as 2011, but to be truthful we are not sure of the exact date or even who’s funeral is about to be held. The day obviously held a special moment for one family and for the staff member at F.W. Barnes and Son who took this photo they knew it was not just any day in the history of Ballarat Funeral Services.  

Ballarat Funerals snow day

Given the cold weather appears to have finally settled over Ballarat we thought it apt to share this memory with you.  The snows heavy on the ground and the photos not dark because it evening, we actually think this might be mid afternoon!  The Australian flag is hanging still against the flag pole.  The two ladies hurrying into the Chapel look well rugged up and are probably hoping the heating system is working well?

Over the last couple of weeks we have moved from the lovely cool breezes of our air-conditioning to flicking the switch on the heating system to keep us all nice and warm. As in summer when it’s hot, the same should be done in winter.  Let’s not forget our family, friends, neighbours and pets.  Make sure they are warm with food and shelter