Ballarat Funerals – From the Vault – Sturt Street

June 12, 2018

At F. W. Barnes and Son, Ballarat Funerals, this week we’ve been looking back into our files of photos and documents from the past.  We are lucky enough to have records, including hand written ledgers going back into the early 1900’s.  This weeks image actually looks like a postcard of the day?  However for some reason a staff member from the past has scanned and saved this beautiful image.  No infringement of anyones copy right is intended rather we’d like to share the long history of Ballarat with the town.   We have a few of these to share over the next few weeks.  Ballarat is such a stunningly beautiful town that is so rich in heritage its almost unbelievable.

F.W.Barnes and Son was formed in 1895 and is no doubt one of Ballarat’s longest established businesses.  It’s a history that we are proud of and whilst no family connection can be made by us to the Barnes, Jordan or Tippett families we do feel the tradition of service to the people of Ballarat and have a great sense of pride in our current commitment to the City.  Todays image is so easy to recognise as Sturt Street, even after such a long time.