Ballarat Funerals – Your Goodbye – What is a funeral?

June 5, 2018

Its week four of this special little series about death, dying and funerals that was put together by the Australian Funeral Director Association.  At F.W.Barnes and Son, Ballarat Funerals, we often ask ourselves this question.  “What is a funeral?  The longer we serve in the industry the less sure we are about the answer. In reality we suspect that for many families and individuals there are completely different and contrasting answers to this question.  What’s even more amazing is the fact that for all of the different answers to the same question there is probably no wrong answer.  For funerals in Ballarat we at F. W. Barnes believe in the freedom of the individual.  Its important that we engage with you and your family so we know what your wishes are, this enables your time of farewell to come out just the way you and your family wish.

Whether you desire a simple no fuss farewell, a respectful and deeply religious service or a light and bright farewell its up to you.  The important issue is talking about it in a sensible and honest way.  Call your funeral director at F. W. Barnes and Son to ask the questions that lead you to the farewell you want.