Charles Clifford Godden

Born on December 7, 1931. Passed away January 9, 2022.
He Is Gone by David Harkins

You can shed tears he is gone or you can smile he has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back

or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him

Or you can be full of the love you all shared with him.

You can turn back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember him and only that he’s gone

Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what Cliff may want: smile, open your eyes, love, and go on.

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  1. If they had a place to go to pick who your father was going to be..I WOULD HAVE PICKED YOU DAD..YOU WERE THE GUIDING LIGHT.. THE BACKBONE OF THE FAMILY..
    I can not express how much i.m going to miss you..not perfect but always doing the best you could..
    I used to take great delight in telling were the smartest bloke i knew ..then as you got older i would tease you and say i,m not so sure now and we would both were a great father in law to GLORIA..and we will both miss you terribly..WE LOVE YOU DAD

    Wayne Godden January 13 2022
  2. TO DAD You will be missed by me and all my family as far as Dads go you were the best as far as Pa s the same loving Husband to Mum . You were always there for all of us when we needed you and have set a fantastic example of how a family man should behave. I used to always say Cliff Godden i love you like father and we would both laugh .Because of covid me and my family can not be there to say our final good buy but we will all be together watching it on line. I hope you and Mum are back together and looking down of all of us REST IN PEACE MATE LOVE ALWAYS . Andrew and family Wa

    Andrew Godden January 13 2022
  3. RIP Pa
    We didn’t get to see you often in the last few years with Covid but we would often ring when with grumps! My children, your great great grandchildren Ash and I love and miss you dearly but hope your happy with little nan :) she would be telling you what for already I could just hear it! Xoxo
    Krystal, Ashley, Tanmicka, Matilda, Elizabeth and baby Brandon xoxo

    Krystal January 13 2022
  4. Pa there are so many things I could say you have always been my hero you were so smart and your big hugs always made things seem better you and nan helped me through some hard times my most favourite memory was doing my photography project with you I was so intrigued with how much you knew and thanks to you I passed pa I could sit with tears and a smile remembering how much of an amazing man husband dad and pa you were your memories I will carry forever R.I.P PA
    Love always Tanya 💖 xoxo

    Tanya Godden January 13 2022
  5. To the best Pa a granddaughter could ask for, Thankyou for being the most caring, down to earth person anyone could ever have met. You truely had the most beautiful soul, I think anyone could agree with that one. You would be absolutely stoked to be up there with Nan to listen to her loud laugh again, we all knew how much you loved her. You will both be dearly missed. All the memories we’ve made with you will be cherished in our hearts forever.
    I love you pa xx

    Gabby Harris January 13 2022
  6. My amazing Pa, seeing your name written on this site has broken my heart even more. 43 years of having you in my life, and now no more. Thank you for all the memories you gave me, from photo shoots to the woodwork toys you made me.. Thank you for being the King of our family who demonstrated a personality of loyalty, forgiveness, love, integrity, hard working, commitment, laughter, gratefulness & Honestly. All the things Amazing Pa’s are made of. I love you Pa & the dedication of time you gave me always. Love Sh*tstick xx

    Cindy Harris January 13 2022
  7. Rest In Peace Mr.Godden. I didn’t meet you, but I feel I know you from your wonderful family posts.
    💐+ 💐

    Adrian Godden January 14 2022
  8. I love you, pa. You will be greatly missed by everyone. You were the best pa ever. I have so many great memories of you. Always smiling, always happy. Such a large presence in the room, a true family many always making sure everyone was looked after. I don’t think I ever heard you raise your voice or say a mean thing about anyone. My favourite memories will always be cleaning up the saw dust in your shed, while you worked away on your latest project. You always made it feel like it was the most important job of all and how great we were to be trusted to do such an important job. Also the smile on your face when you held my boy for the 1st time. The pink wooden cat you made me 25-30 years ago still sits displayed on a shelf and I still brag about how you made it and about the fun times sweeping up the saw dust with you.
    R.l.P love Kylie and Travis xxx

    Kylie and Travis January 14 2022
  9. I love you pa and so sad that your gone. Breaks my heart aria won’t get to meet you. When she is old enough I will give her the little doll cradle that you made me and tell her stories about the best pa in the world. Thank you for being you and raising my dad so he could be the best dad and poppy to all our kids. We miss and love you terribly. Hope you are back with Nana looking down on our amazing family that wouldn’t be possible without the two of you.

    Brooke Godden January 14 2022
  10. Hey pa
    May your spirit be reunited with nan and live on in peace
    You have made an amazing family blood line you will always be remembered as the kindest and most caring godden I and my family ever knew I remember back in the day when any of us grandkids would come visit you would always stop what you were doing and spend time with us and do what it took to make us happy
    Love you Pa R.I.P
    Mick Tash Leah Zara

    Mick godden January 15 2022
  11. you will be missed rest in peace uncle Cliff
    our condolences to all the family
    Patsy and Stan Ball and loveridge familys

    patricia ball January 15 2022
  12. To my beautiful Pa, the big friendly giant. You were such a funny man, your love for your family was felt through all of us.. your face would light up every time your great grandkids walked into the room. Your smile always lit up the room.. your mumbling under your breath when nana was to loud never went unnoticed lol
    The woodwork you made was some of my fav toys in the world, micks big truck, the big ride on elephant, the wooden toys.. there’s so many things to remember you by! We will miss you so much! Pls give nana a big kiss and hug from us. You’ll be dearly missed RIP you beautiful soul we call pa ❤️❤️❤️

    Tash January 15 2022
  13. Pa, you truly were amazing and will be greatly missed. My girls love you just like we all do. I was looking back through my photos and I just loved the big smile you had on your face holding my girls as babies ❤️ So many great memories we will cherish forever. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
    We love you Pa, RIP
    Kristy, Shane, Summer & Milah xox

    Kristy Bisby January 16 2022
  14. To our Pa, you will be missed but leave us with so many memories of a strong, loving and supporting man. Mostly I will cherish the years growing up in Mildura with you around to teach me a heap of things that gave me the confidence to believe in myself, maintain a bit of mischievous cheek into my adulthood and strive to be successful… you called me ‘a little legend’ so much I came to believe it and walk tall because of it… that’s had both good and bad results haha.
    You even introduced me to the internet when you set up your home computer & showed me the ropes – always learning & teaching – and hey looks like ‘the internet’ has really kicked off since then ;-).

    Rest in Peace Pa… say hi to Nana xo
    Love always
    Robbie, Jacqui, Maddie & Hayley

    Robbie Knee January 16 2022
  15. To Dear Cliff.
    As a husband, a father & a friend you were always a very loving, kind & giving person. Always the calm voice of reason, always the quiet, but knowing soul in the background. I thankyou for allowing me to be a small part of your family, many many years ago.
    As you have come to the end of a very full life, you have also been a loving Pa & Great Pa to many.
    Your legacy will live on in your family and friends that you have had in your life.
    Rest in piece Cliff. You’ve earned a rest. Congratulations on reaching 90.
    Luv Elaine xoxox 💖

    Elaine Patterson January 17 2022
  16. Today’s the day we say goodbye, and I can only reflect on the massive impact you’ve had on my life. I didn’t just look up to you as a Pa, but as a man. You were always kind and patient, no matter the troubles or disruptions you faced.

    I’m so glad we got a lot of quality time together in recent years, I wouldn’t trade those afternoons watching The Chase together for anything.

    Thanks for everything.

    Jay Godden January 17 2022
  17. I love you pa and so sad that your gone. Breaks my heart aria won’t get to meet you. When she is old enough I will give her the little doll cradle that you made me and tell her stories about the best pa in the world. Thank you for being you and raising my dad so he could be the best dad and poppy to all our kids. We miss and love you terribley. Hope you are back with Nana looking down on our amazing family that wouldn’t be possible without the two of you.

    Brooke godden January 17 2022

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