HART, Philip

A generous loving man. Forever in our hearts.


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  1. Some of my earliest recollections of Phil are during high school and particularly in our late teen years.
    I fondly recall Phil’s early years working as an apprentice chef at the Vines Hotel in Frankston. As long-time school mates of over 50 years – we would often collect Phil from the hotel after he finished a shift. Some of us even worked there too as kitchen hands.
    I recall one night when Phil had finished work and we picked him up near the Hotel so the four of us could venture to another hotel for some great live band music, a few ales and the potential of meeting some girls.
    Phil was in a very happy mood on this occasion – when he entered my car on a particularly hot summer evening, he wound down the window and shouted “Bloody Pigs” just as we drove past the Frankston police station car park.
    Unbeknownst to me as I was driving, two police officers who were just getting out of their car, jumped back in and began to follow us with lights a flashing. Phil realised they were on to us (or should I say, him) and pleaded for me to speed up to avoid them but instead, I didn’t believe him and good thing too…
    As you can guess, it wasn’t too long before siren and lights caught up with us. They pulled me over and began to search my car while the four of us waited nervously. Ross was a bit agitated and was promptly locked up in the divvy van to quieten him down while Phil and I attempted to explain that his outburst was in harmless fun and wasn’t intended to cause any trouble. He was simply expressing some excitement about a girl he was dating at the time.
    The officers checked my license, offence record and found no reason to detain us but did warn Phil that he should be more careful in future and refrain from shouting from an open window, especially in front of a police station. 😊 The police were really good about it and I’m sure it’s a story that was shared in the Police Station staff room with much laughter about this young bloke with terribly bad timing…
    While this happened a very long time ago, I’m certain it would put a smile on Phil’s face too, it certainly has to all his old school mates in reminiscing about the incredibly humous, warm and giving charm of Phil Hart.
    We’ll miss you buddy – Ross, David and Gary

    Gary Kay September 28 2021
  2. Lucky Phil you had a heart as big as Phar Lap.
    You never said a bad word about anyone.
    You lived for your kids. They were your world.
    You’ve gained your wings, now fly free of pain and watch and guide your loved ones.
    We are sure going to miss you.
    Gone but not forgotten.
    Rest easy Lucky Phil.
    Wayne, Jo, Tayla, Joel and Brock

    The Bate family September 28 2021
  3. I love you more today and I’ll love you even more tomorrow Dad.
    Missing you every day xx

    Eliza September 28 2021
  4. I was saddened to hear the passing of my dear friend Philip we had many chats over Skype which we both enjoyed. Phil was a dear, happy chap who was loved by many I will certainly miss him so rest in peace my darling all my love Pat xxx

    Pat Wisbey September 29 2021
  5. You were the most amazing person and light of my life l will miss you more than words can say l know you’re always there in our hearts watching over and guiding us we miss you so much Rest in peace mate thanks for being a lovely man that u are xx

    Pauline coffey September 29 2021
  6. Dad.
    You once asked for an explanation why I kept correcting you every time you would say that you are our Father and I’d say no you’re our Dad.
    In my eyes anyone can be a father and have kids, but a Dad takes it one step further and is always there for his kids to install wisdome, to nurture, to love and to spend time with his kids.
    You always were and forever will be my Dad and you will live on inside our Hearts and inside your Harts .
    Love you Dad May you be at peace

    Ashley Hart September 29 2021
  7. It has been an honour to have you as a friend Phil. I will treasure our long chats, miss your cheeky smile and your wit. You will always be remembered.
    My deepest sympathy to all.
    So long Old Buddy!
    Perry Bryson.

    Perry Bryson September 29 2021
  8. The President and Members of the Sebastopol Men’s Shed mourn the loss of their esteemed member Phil Hart. Phil has participated in Shed activities for several years with great enthusiasm, and was a very popular member of our Shed. His culinary skills were of great assistance in our community kitchen, and he enjoyed contributing to the vegetable growing program in the garden. His cheery presence will be sorely missed by all. We offer our deepest sympathies to his family members. The memories of Phil and his cheery presence will linger on with us. He often said how much he loved the Shed and people he got to know there. Rest in Peace, Phil.
    From President Les Shimmin and all the Members of the Sebastopol Men’s Shed.

    LES SHIMMIN, PRESIDENT September 29 2021
  9. Phil – we were together for 23years, and the best things we did together in that time are our kids.
    We did well!
    Equal parts amazing, compassionate, intelligent, stubborn and loving, I think they’re an even blend of us both.
    I promise to keep them safe in your absence. Lots of memories to look back on.
    Wishing you peaceful rest.
    -Deb x

    Deb Turner September 29 2021
  10. If you, like I, learned from your life,
    Then you too know it’s true.
    That life is filled with miracles,
    for some, a precious few.

    I think for those that few exist.
    Perhaps they need look harder.
    For one of my best gifts of all,
    was a friend I knew as father.

    Mitch Liddicoat September 29 2021
  11. Phil
    Thanks for being a loving, caring brother
    I’ll really miss our hour long phone calls and the special meals that you made for us
    I love you lots and most of all, I’ll miss you
    Love Angela

    Angela Daw September 29 2021
  12. Dear Phil
    I have visited your home in recent days and cannot believe you are not there to have a cuppa, a chat and have you knock up a snack. Remembering good times at footy, fishing , watching the races, shearing sheep and checking on the cattle.
    To see the beautiful flowers in your garden in full bloom saddens my heart that you are not enjoying them once again.
    A great friend who will be forever missed. Our deepest condolences to Matt, Ashley ,Sam and Eliza.
    Phil was very proud of you all . We hope you all find peace. Safe journey Phil . Go Hawks.
    Michael ,Bernadette Cullinan and family.

    MICHEAL CULLINAN September 29 2021
  13. In writing this Coral and I are thinking of Phil’s children Mathew, Sam, Ashley and Eliza losing their father so quickly and so young. Phil was a great chef and an asset to our restaurant when we first met him,but more than that he became a very good friend and someone were proud to spend time with. We will miss him calling in with a pie and cake, i will miss his tips on horses, that I never backed and they very rarely won, but it gave a interest in the race. It was always great to go to his farm and walk around the garden and listen to his plans he had for the yard and the vegetables garden. We will miss the dinner nights we and Steve and Kate had with him ( it was his turn next). He will be in our thoughts and many other people ‘s thoughts for a long time to come. Phil where ever you have gone we hope the kitchen is set up for you to work with ease.
    We are sorry we were not there for you at this time

    Stephen and Coral Field September 29 2021
  14. Phil,
    It’s only been 4 years I’ve known you, and you loved me like your own before I actually met you in person!! It was Christmas Day in Aus and Christmas Eve in Canada where I was. Whilst on the phone to Sam, he hand balled the phone over to you so we could have a chat and we hit it off. Then the first time I met you in person I not only surprised Sam for his 30th, Sam surprised you with me!!
    We would not be where we are now without you, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We will miss you heaps, especially when you stop in on the way home for a coffee and bringing with you slices from the bakery. 😋
    You will never be forgotten.
    Love your Daughter in law,

    Narelle September 29 2021
  15. Many a happy hour passed together wether drinking coffee or working on jobs that needed doing your happy and pleasant demenor will sorely missed mate
    Mal and Jonne Robin

    Malcolm Robin September 29 2021
  16. To tour Europe and Britain with you and Joanne was a wonderful experience in the late 70s. It is amazing how some people click and stay friends out of mutual experiences. You have done this many times over across a diverse cross section of the people that you have met. To your children I am very sorry for your loss, keep happy memories safe as we all are saddened by his passing.
    Farewell dear friend
    Max and Gabrielle Cameron

    Max Cameron September 29 2021
  17. Dear phill I always have vivid fond memories of you staying with us in England taking me and my sister to the local park to show us how to throw a boomerang and kick an Aussie football , truly wonderful times from a wonderful man , god bless you and god bless your family at this difficult time, so glad I had the opportunity to speak with you and see you on the intranet not so long ago with my mum, who also loved you dearly RIP Kevin Wisbey and family

    Kevin Wisbey September 30 2021
  18. Dad.
    I can’t begin without telling you how how much you meant to me and how proud I am to to have you as my Dad.
    You were always there for me no matter what and wherever I was. From early days of taking me to footy training and games to taking me to work in the stables with Ian and Kerry and as many racemeetings as you could get to. To travelling all over the country to spend time with me and to watch me ride and later to visit your grand kids help me through any tough times I was going through, and whenever you weren’t there in person you were always on the end of the phone to pick me up and let me know how much you loved me and how proud you were.
    Us kids and your adopted sons and daughters were never left wondering how much you cared for and loved is all and for that I know we are all truly grateful.
    To all your mates and anyone you rubbed shoulders with, you were a character and such a good mate with a heart of gold that always put a smile on thier faces and in thier hearts.
    You have left us all with so many great memories and tales that will be told for many a year to come.
    Hope you have a beautiful rest now after a life well lived and know that you have touched so many people’s lives and will be missed by everyone who knew you.
    I love you Dad and God bless.

    Matthew Hart September 30 2021
  19. Dear Phil,
    Thank you for always treating me as if I was one of your own. You always welcomed me with open arms and I will never forget the times that we shared.

    One of my best memories was when you, Ash, Sam and myself, all went to a winery near Ararat. Our job over a few days was to attach a hose to a wire fence that ran the length of the grape vines. It absolutely pelted with rain the entire time we were there, but you kept our spirits high and kept us all laughing all weekend.

    Thank you for the memories, and thank you for the best baked beans on toast and cups of tea I ever had.

    Chris Adams September 30 2021
  20. Phil you will be sadly missed by all
    You a great mate and a legend and we have great memories and stories that we will treasure forever
    Rest peacefully Love you always your little mate
    Suzie Trevor and family

    Suzie Axford September 30 2021
  21. Dear Phil.
    My memories of you go way back when you visited the UK with your sister Jo many many years ago when my brother and I were about 10 and 12 years old.
    We loved having you stay with us and introducing us to all things Australian including vegemite and boomerangs.
    You held a special place in all our hearts especially our mum Pat and she looked forward to your regular calls over Skype and FaceTime. Thank you for always thinking of mum and keeping in touch with her, it really meant a lot to her especially after we lost our dad. I know you cared very much about our dad too.
    May you rest peacefully free from pain now.
    Sending much love to Matt, Sam, Ashley and Eliza
    Jo and family xxxx

    Jo de Fransz September 30 2021
  22. Hi Wombat what can I say about you.Thank you for allowing me to part of your life.The first time I meet you said to Dave that I was a keeper., with a cheeky grin.You were always there for a chat,a laugh,a drink and especially to stir up, and to tell you to put teeth in lol.Thanks for the great meals you cooked for us followed by a glass of Moscato for me and a Scotch for Dave.. Now in peace in your pink dressing gown.
    Love Kimmy.

    P.s Hope you have your teeth in lol.

    Kim Lockwood September 30 2021
  23. Phil was such a big part of our lives. He earned the nickname “Coffee” from Emma when she was 2 years old because it was the first thing he said every time Craig and Emma would visit. The name stuck. So to our Coffee: thank you for all of your friendship and race tips (regardless of their success); your unwavering support of our kids and the times that you would sneak them biscuits under the table; for your embracing the boys calling you grandpa and filling that void in our kids lives; for your laughter and light and happiness. We love you and will miss you very much mate. xx

    Love Nadia, Craig, Emma, Lauren, Michael, and Andrew Impey

    Nadia Impey September 30 2021
  24. Uncle Phil was such a caring uncle who was always interested in what we were all up to every time we caught up. Will miss you. All my love to Eliza, Matt, Ashley and Sam.
    Stacie XX

    Stacie Mccullough September 30 2021
  25. You are now at peace Phil.
    We didn’t get to say goodbye, it was all too fast.
    You were Daryl’s best mate and a good friend to me.
    We will miss our Friday night fish n chips together.
    Will miss our great chats, laughter, sometimes our sorrows together.
    We miss you driving fast and tooting the horn as you go past.
    The hurt will pass for all of us, but the great memories are forever.
    One thing I request, make sure our internet works here in Lexton so I can say goodbye. Lol.
    It’s not goodbye, it’s we’ll see you soon.

    Ingrid and Daryl Johnson September 30 2021
  26. To Mathew, Sam, Ashley & Eliza, my deepest sympathy on losing your Dad and our mate.
    I met Phil in the mid to late 90’s working with Gus (Agostino’s) and Tony & Gail (Assunta’s).
    The first night we worked together was a lot of fun, we just clicked with our love of horse racing, football, music and of course, a beer or two. I f we were allowed to be all together today, this is one of the many funny happenings in a kitchen I would recount.
    One the places we worked we had a kitchen hand with small boobs & waitress with big boobs. One night the kitchen hand announces she is pregnant, we congratulate her and the next few months go on as normal. Then one night Phil & I are left alone in the kitchen (the boss was away) and of course it is going to be a fun night. about half way through Phil says something the kitchen hand about her small boobs to which she replies thrusting her chest forward “look they’re growing”. With my quick wit I reply ” nurses will be singing “Trying to find a needle in a Haystack” if you try to breast feed!. Big boob waitress pops her head round the corner and says “what would they sing about me?. I said “Climb Every Mountain” !
    Well I dont think we sent a meal for 20 minutes as Phil was nearly dying from laughing. !
    Remembering all the good times mate – CHEERS!
    will be sadky missed (one way to skip our next dinner party – when it was your turn!).

    Steve & Kate Connor & all the families September 30 2021
  27. I love you so much dad, never will I not always I will.
    Miss you more than ever mate..

    Sam Hart September 30 2021
  28. I love you so much dad.
    Always will I love you.

    Sam Hart September 30 2021
  29. Phil. You were a top. You are now at peace and no more pain. It’s hard to say goodbye but you now are at rest. I will miss the jokes we had with you and seeing you at mums and dads. Often you were there when I would FaceTime and we would have a chat then. I wish I had of had one last goodbye but from now until we meet again

    Larissa Metcalfe September 30 2021
  30. Phil
    I remember growing up with Phil, Matthew, Ashley, Sam and Aliza.
    Pushing the Billy carts up and down the drive way and riding bikes with the kids and tearing around in the old paddock bomb we had at lexton.

    Also remember the regular bbq’s we used to have and driving into ballarat in the old rodeo and eating toast along the way for breakfast.

    You always used to have a smile on your face and took us (the Robin’s under your belt in mateship)

    A mateship we will treasure and glad we had the opportunity to have mate.

    You will be dearly missed mate and the fond memories.

    Joel, Triona, Zavier and Makayla

    Joel Robin September 30 2021
  31. Lucky Phil ❤️
    Such a ripper bloke, heart of gold, gone way too soon
    Rest in Peace, you’ll will be missed by so many
    Rols, Suzanne & family xx

    Suzanne Clark September 30 2021
  32. Phil, Although it’s been many years since I’ve seen you, I have so many great memories as a kid spending so much time at your house with the boys. Thank you for always treating me as one of your own and being the kind and caring person i’ll always remember. Rest easy.

    Love always,

    Erin Andrews(Robin) and family xx

    Erin Andrews September 30 2021
  33. On behalf of the Lexton Community it is with saddened hearts that we send our deepest sympathy to Matthew, Sam, Ashley and Eliza on the passing of your dad, Phil. Our thoughts are with you, your extended families and Phil’s friends. Taken way too soon and so suddenly, it is hard to imagine not seeing Phil at the local post office sharing a yarn and a friendly chat with us all. We know how often he spoke of his children and their families and how his face lit up with pride as he shared the latest news and achievements.
    Rest In Peace, Phil.

    Judy martin September 30 2021
  34. Many fond memories of you Phil Rest Peacefully Barry Lorraine Gladman & Family

    Lorraine Gladman September 30 2021
  35. You have been a part of the Kelly Family for many years Phil..
    Dan is definitely going to be lost without you as you would sit for hours and listen to him talk about his horses and racing..
    Thank you for always being there for him when he needed a hand or just a friend to talk to..
    You are the only person I ever knew that had a smile on your face 24/7 ..
    Sending Condolences to Eliza and Family

    Rest In Peace Phil

    Gone but never forgotten

    Love from The Kelly Family

    Katrina Kotek Kelly September 30 2021
  36. To Matt, Ash, Sam & Eli…

    Grief never ends …. But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…. It is the price of love.” ❤️❤️

    -Author Unknown

    Deb Turner October 1 2021
  37. You have been a big part of the Kelly Family for many years Phil..
    Dan is definitely going to be lost without you as you would sit for hours and listen to him talk about his horses and racing..
    Thank you for always being there for him when he needed a hand or just a friend to talk to..
    You were the only person we ever knew that had a smile on your face 24/7..

    Sending Condolences to Eliza and Family ❤️❤️

    Rest is Peace Phil

    Gone but never forgotten

    Love from the Kelly Family 💐💐

    Katrina Kotek October 1 2021
  38. You have been a big part of the Kelly Family for many years Phil..
    Dan is definitely going to be lost without you as you would sit for hours and listen to him talk about his horses and racing..
    Thank you for always being there for him when he needed a hand or just a friend to talk to..
    You were the only person we ever knew that had a smile on your face 24/7..

    Sending Condolences to Eliza and Family ❤️❤️

    Rest is Peace Phil

    Gone but never forgotten

    Love from the Kelly Family 💐💐

    Katrina Kotek Kelly October 1 2021
  39. Lucky Phil
    So sad you are not with us anymore
    Lots of great memories as best buddies and all the good times in racing
    I’ll miss all your cooking tips, texts, phone calls and especially you mate
    Rest In Peace ❤️
    Ian (little buddy)

    Lucky Phil
    I’ll miss your phone calls from out of the blue, you were always kind and caring.
    Gone way too soon❤️
    Thinking of you all xx
    Mum Denney x

    Ian Denney & Mum Denney October 2 2021
  40. Very sorry to hear of the passing of Phil
    Our condolences to all of the family

    Peter and Sara North

    Peter North October 4 2021
  41. Philip was my son in law for 23 years and in that time he was always respectful and inclusive, and a loving father to his children, my grandchildren Matthew, Ashley, Sam & Eliza. Many fond memories. Wishing you peaceful rest.
    -Mum Gladman

    Norma Gladman October 4 2021
  42. Thank you for being you Uncle Phil. You were always one of my biggest supporters and here for me whenever I needed you. I’ll cherish our long phone calls, listening to you talk about your cattle, the hawks, the farm and its amazing sunset views but most of all how proud you were of your family, which wasn’t just your children, siblings, nieces and nephews, but your friends as well. You treated everyone like family.
    My long walks won’t be the same knowing I can’t just dial your number and talk to you. You have left me with so many memories that will make me smile and think of you everyday.
    Uncle phil, you were loved by many and now missed by them too. I feel so lucky to call you my Uncle.
    Love and miss you always
    Nikki xx

    Nikki Treveil October 9 2021

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