Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral Wishes with F.W. Barnes & Son Funeral Home in Ballarat

August 20, 2023

Planning ahead for major life events is something most of us consider to be sensible, whether it’s for weddings, buying a home, or retirement. However, planning for our eventual passing is something many tend to postpone or avoid altogether. At F.W. Barnes & Son Funeral Home in Ballarat, we believe that making arrangements for your final farewell is equally significant. In this article, we discuss the profound benefits of pre-planning your funeral wishes.

  1. Personalisation and Control:
    Pre-planning your funeral means you get to determine how you’d like your life to be celebrated. This could be in terms of the type of service, music, readings, or any other specific elements you want included. It ensures that the funeral is a reflection of your personality, beliefs, and passions.
  2. Financial Preparedness:
    By pre-planning your funeral, you can either Pre-arrange but not prepay, or arrange a Funeral Bond providing you and your family with peace of mind.
  3. Relieving Loved Ones of the Burden:
    The period immediately after a loved one’s passing is often overwhelming. By making all the necessary decisions in advance, you can spare your family from the additional stress of planning a funeral during a time of grief. They can focus on healing, knowing that everything is in place as per your wishes.
  4. Ensuring Your Wishes Are Respected:
    When you pre-plan, there’s clarity about your specific desires, eliminating potential disputes or doubts among family members. It ensures that your exact wishes are respected and followed.
  5. Emotional and Financial Security:
    There’s an emotional comfort in knowing that everything is arranged. Additionally, many funeral homes, including F.W. Barnes & Son, offer secure trust funds where your pre-payment is held, ensuring your investment’s safety and availability when needed.
  6. Facilitates Legal Formalities:
    Pre-planning can also involve collating all essential documents and instructions in one place, aiding in smoother legal processes post-departure.
  7. Time to Research and Reflect:
    By deciding to pre-plan, you give yourself ample time to research options, reflect on what you truly want, and make decisions without the rush or emotional distress that often comes when planning unexpectedly.
  8. Open Conversations with Family:
    Pre-planning opens the door for transparent conversations with your family. Discussing your wishes ensures everyone is on the same page and can also inspire other family members to consider their own pre-planning.

Why Choose F.W. Barnes & Son in Ballarat for Pre-Planning?

At F.W. Barnes & Son, we deeply value the personal touch and attention to detail that accompanies end-of-life ceremonies. Here are a couple of ways we serve our community through the thoughtful process of pre-planning:

  1. Prearranged but Not Prepaid Ballarat Funerals:
    We offer a unique service tailored for those who wish to make their funeral arrangements in advance without the immediate financial commitment. Under our scheme, clients can detail their preferences, providing clarity on elements ranging from the choice of church or chapel, burial versus cremation decisions, selection between a coffin or casket, desired readings, preferred music, and decisions about a civil celebrant or church representative. While the final costs will still need to be settled, and funeral details will need to align with available budgets, this approach significantly eases the emotional and decision-making burdens on grieving family members. Most importantly, prearranging ensures your family remains in the loop about your specific wishes for the ceremony.
  2. Funeral Bonds:
    We are proud to offer funeral bonds, a secure and thoughtful way to plan for future funeral expenses. These bonds are approved by the Australian Taxation Office and Centrelink, ensuring they adhere to legislative requirements. Provided by friendly societies, funeral bonds are designed specifically for pre-paid funerals. An essential characteristic of these bonds is that they can only be redeemed upon the death of the person named on the policy. While the bonds do accrue interest over time, this interest is not considered income. Instead, it serves as a cushion to counteract potential increases in funeral costs over the years, bridging the gap between the initial purchase of the bond and the eventual utilization of funeral expenses.

By choosing to pre-plan with F.W. Barnes & Son in Ballarat, you benefit from our longstanding tradition of dedicated service and our commitment to ensuring that every funeral reflects the uniqueness of the individual. Whether you opt for prearranged details or secure a funeral bond, our team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.