After funeral services in Ballarat

Funerals are a time of sadness but also a time for celebration and reflection of a life well lived. While the actual funeral service is usually a period for solemnity and personal contemplation, a post-funeral function is an opportunity for family, friends and colleagues to come together and share stories and recollections of the deceased. Often, many people at the funeral will not have seen each other for months or even years and a post-funeral function offers an opportunity to connect again.

Functions at our funeral home in Ballarat

F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors understand the importance of the functions that follow funerals in Ballarat and can advise and help with arrangements. At our premises at 701 Darling Street, Redan, we can offer families the use of our function room and arrange for in-house catering.

In the case of large numbers of mourners, the staff at F.W. Barnes and Son can help with a variety of venues and organisations to help with post-funeral service functions in Ballarat, including church and charity groups, sports clubs, restaurants and hotels and caterers. Staff at our funeral home can also help with information about caterers who will provide the food for your post-funeral function, serve guests and also clean up at the end, meaning a little less stress and worry for the bereaved. Catering costs vary but contact F.W. Barnes and Son and we’ll provide advice and information about current prices.

F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors have been a part of the community since 1895, providing funeral services to Ballarat for more than 120 years. Please contact us online or phone (03) 5336 1211 for information about any aspect of funeral arrangements, including the range of coffins and caskets at our funeral home, the cost of funerals in Ballarat, how to arrange a pre-paid funeral bond and leaving tributes on our online funeral notices.