Ballarat funeral services

Ballarat funeral services preparation

F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors have been arranging funeral services in Ballarat since 1895 and we understand how every life is unique and therefore each of our funeral services has to be unique to reflect the singularity of each and every life.

When arranging a funeral service in Ballarat it is important to understand that as well as arranging a service that reflects and honours the deceased, the service must also provide lasting memories for the family and loved ones of the bereaved. There is no doubting the important role funerals play in the grieving process following a death and F.W. Barnes and Son take great pride in providing funerals that ensure an appropriate and memorable opportunity for family members, friends and colleagues to gather, pay their respects and say a final farewell.

F.W. Barnes and Son have wide experience acquired during our 120-plus years as one of the leading Ballarat funeral homes and we will provide advice on how best to create a funeral service that captures the character and spirit of the deceased, including assistance with:

  • The preparation of eulogies and selection of readings, music and hymns, if required
  • Organising viewings of the deceased
  • Arranging the date, time and location of the funeral service
  • Arrangements with the cemetery or crematorium
  • Selection of the coffin or casket
  • Floral arrangements
  • Transport options for family members
  • The selection of coffin bearers and instructions about their role
  • Online funeral and death notices and tributes
  • Newspaper death and funeral notices and obituaries
  • Creation of an audio-visual presentation about the life and times of the deceased

What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a spoken tribute at a funeral or memorial service commemorating the life of the person who has died. The staff members at F.W. Barnes and Son are always available and happy to help with the writing of a eulogy for our Ballarat funeral services. However, many people prefer to prepare a eulogy on their own and in their own time, and F.W. Barnes and Son has provided information that can help ensure the eulogist’s tribute is an accurate and memorable reflection of the deceased.

  • Take time to gather your thoughts and information about the deceased. If you’re delivering a eulogy there is a high likelihood you knew the deceased but talking to family members, friends and colleagues will help create a more accurate picture of the deceased person. As well, discussions with others will allow you to check facts such as date of birth and marriage, the names of family members, occupations and hobbies, achievements and accolades. Your goal should be to find out what it was that made the person who they were.
  • Focus on a theme for your eulogy. Perhaps it was family, career or sport that shaped and guided the deceased’s life. Whatever the focus, try to ensure your eulogy has a theme that reflects the patterns and structures by which the person lived. A theme will also help structure the eulogy and ensure it flows smoothly when the time arrives for you to speak at the funeral service.
  • Spend time preparing your speech. What you say will leave lasting memories and it’s important you prepare thoroughly to do the best job you can. Make a list of points you want to include in your eulogy – one suggestion is to write each point on an index card – and when you’ve made your list sort the cards into a logical order.
  • When you have your thoughts and points in order, use them as the basis for the first draft of your speech. At first, focus on the beginning and the end of the eulogy, and then once you’re happy with the start and finish, add the middle material. Take your time and don’t be frightened of using humour, particularly if the deceased was a character who filled his or her life with fun and laughter. Be careful, though, not to be too lighthearted and casual.
  • Rewrite and refine your draft until you’re 100 percent happy, and when you are satisfied with what you have written, make sure your eulogy is easy for you to read. Staff members at our funeral parlour in Ballarat advise speakers not to rely on their memories when delivering eulogies because grief and the pressure of the moment can thwart the recollection and delivery of even the most experienced public speakers.
  • Practice makes perfect and we advise you to repeatedly practice delivering the eulogy. Record yourself, stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself delivering the eulogy or have a friend or family member watch your speech. Importantly, practice until you are comfortable – and don’t rush! Take your time. Pause at the end of sentences and take plenty of deep breaths. If you were particularly close to the deceased or know you might be emotional it might be an idea to have a person who can step in and take over in case emotion makes it too hard for you to continue.
  • Finally, be confident and be yourself when speaking and know you have the support of everybody at the funeral service.

Booklets for funeral services

Funeral service booklets serve multiple purposes. At their simplest they are a program of proceedings – an order of service. But funeral service booklets are also important historic documents and mementos, not only for people at the funeral service but also for those who were unable to attend. Funeral booklets allow absent friends and family to feel part of the funeral proceedings, even though they weren’t there. The team at F.W. Barnes and Son has many years’ experience helping families with booklets for funeral services. We can provide examples of the various funeral booklets we have available and we will then ensure the booklets are printed and ready in time for the funeral service.

Importantly, we always provide a proof of our Ballarat funeral service booklets and advise those in charge of funeral arrangements to carefully proofread the booklets before final printing. Check that spelling and all details are correct and that the booklet is precisely what you want. Prices for funeral service booklets and bookmarks vary depending on page numbers and number of booklets or bookmarks required but prices generally start about $2.00 a copy.

Music for funeral services

F.W. Barnes and Son have all necessary licences for music and songs to be played at funeral services and we also have the equipment to ensure high-quality sound reproduction. We would recommend discussing music choices with the clergy or celebrant leading the funeral service to ensure music and songs are appropriate. Staff at our funeral home will also discuss music and songs with you.

Audio-visual presentations for funeral services

As well as providing sound equipment for music and songs, F.W. Barnes and Son can provide high-quality audio visual presentations for our funeral services in Ballarat. Our funeral home staff members will use provided photographs of the deceased and music to create a presentation to screen at the service. Talk to the staff at our funeral home about an audio-visual presentation. We will guide you on the number of photographs required, length of time each photograph displays and running time for the presentation. We would also recommend you discuss the presentation with the celebrant or clergy officiating at the funeral service.

Contact our Ballarat funeral home

Please be assured the staff members at our Ballarat funeral parlour will guide you through the funeral arrangements and all funeral service details. You can call F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors on (03) 5336 1211 or you can contact us online.

F.W. Barnes and Son is available for all information about funerals, including advice on what you should do when somebody dies, the cost of funerals and pre-paid funerals in Ballarat, funeral arrangements and services, coffins and caskets available at our Ballarat funeral parlour, refreshments after the funeral service, death and funeral notices and information about churches, cemeteries and crematoria.