Pre-paid funerals, Ballarat

Arranging a prepaid funeral through Ballarat Funeral Directors F.W. Barnes and Son is a sensible option to ensure you have exactly the funeral you want and that bereaved family members and executors are not left with the added stress and burden of finding the money to pay for a funeral service in Ballarat.

Prepaid funerals are all about peace of mind and a majority of our Ballarat funeral services are pre-arranged and prepaid, with precise details of funeral arrangements recorded, costs outlined and, once paid, guaranteed by specific legislation.

F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Director places the funds for its prepaid funerals into a capital guaranteed funeral bond and our prepaid funerals are guaranteed by the Funerals Act 2006, which incorporates the Funerals (Pre-paid Money) Act 1993.

Funeral Bonds

Approved by the Australian Taxation Office and Centrelink and compliant with legislative requirements, funeral bonds are investment bonds provided by friendly societies and specifically developed for pre-paid funerals. Funeral bonds can only be redeemed when the person named on the policy dies and although the bonds accrue interest, the interest is not deemed to be income and helps offset rises in funeral costs between the time when the bond is first bought and when it pays for the funeral.

F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors will provide a copy of the investment certificate and receipt confirming your pre-paid funeral bond investment. For your own peace of mind we will also recommend you seek independent advice so you are comfortable and assured your funeral bonds investment is part of a sound investment plan.

Prearranged but not prepaid Ballarat funerals

F.W. Barnes and Son’s Ballarat funerals include an unpaid funeral arrangements scheme where clients can provide our funeral directors with details about what they would like for their funeral. While payment will still have to be made and funeral arrangements will have to fit within budgets, prearranging funeral details can ease the stress on family members who won’t have to worry about decisions such as which church or chapel, burial or cremation, coffin or casketĀ for your Ballarat funeral service, what readings, what music and civil celebrant or church representative. Importantly, prearranging a funeral helps ensure family members know the deceased’s wishes for their funeral.

If you would like more information about prepaid funeral bonds, funeral arrangements or the cost of funerals in Ballarat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with F.W. Barnes and Son. We’ve been a part of the community for more than 120 years and take great pride in providing Ballarat funeral services that help families celebrate life.