Funeral directors, Ballarat

The funeral directors at F.W. Barnes and Son understand that the death of a loved one and the process of organising a funeral for the deceased can be a confronting, confusing and trying time. To help you understand the various processes that take place following a death, F.W. Barnes and Son have provided information which will help you through the first 24 hours after a death, the process of arranging funerals in Ballarat and funeral services.

When somebody dies – F.W. Barnes and Son, Ballarat Funeral Directors

The first 24 hours

Those first 24 hours following death can be the most trying. Unless a person dies in hospital the first step following death is usually to call an ambulance. The call to an ambulance is important for a variety of reasons, including the fact that if paramedics are called they can determine whether there is a chance of resuscitating the person. Paramedics can also confirm the person has died.

If death is confirmed then the deceased’s doctor should be called to complete a death certificate. If a doctor is not available, a hospital can be called and hospital staff will explain the best course of action for the completion of a death certificate.

It is important to understand that our Ballarat funeral directors cannot complete funeral arrangements until the issuing of a death certificate.

In the event of a person dying in hospital, the hospital will complete many of the processes for the issuing of the death certificate. Once the death certificate formalities are complete, family members should contact F.W. Barnes and Son and we will start the funeral arrangements.

Should the deceased have died in a private hospital or in an aged care centre where there is no mortuary, officials from the hospital or aged care centre might contact F.W. Barnes and Son and organise for the transfer to our facilities, or you might have to nominate your Ballarat funeral directors.

The death certificate and registering a death

Official registration of a death cannot take place without a death certificate. The death certificate must bear the signature of the doctor who has pronounced the death and, once signed, the certificate must be lodged with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state or territory where the person died. The staff at F.W. Barnes and Son Funeral Directors can register the death for you and organise for you to receive a certified copy of the death certificate. A certified copy of the death certificate legally proves a person has died and will help when negotiating with organisations such as the deceased person’s banks, solicitors and other authorities. A death certificate usually takes up to three weeks but should an autopsy or inquest by the corner be required, the certificate can take months to complete.

Coronial inquests

If a doctor cannot determine why a person has died, the cause of death will require investigation by the coroner. The coroner implement a variety of processes, including an autopsy if necessary, to ascertain the cause of death. As part of our duties as funeral directors in Ballarat, the staff at F.W Barnes and Son can act as your liaison with the coroner.

The coroner usually investigates cause of death when:

  • The deceased person has not had a doctor’s appointment during the past three months
  • A person has unexpectedly died in hospital or nursing home
  • Homicide, suicide, drug overdose, poisoning or suspicious cause of death is involved
  • A person has died at work or fire or accident were involved
  • The deceased person was the resident of a government institution
  • The deceased died in a public place
  • Any death which requires post-mortem examination to determine a cause, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

As funeral directors in Ballarat since 1895, F.W. Barnes and Son are a part of your community and determined to help you through the funeral with as little distress as possible. For help with funeral arrangements in Ballarat, please contact us online, phone (03) 52336 1211 or visit our funeral home at 701 Darling St, Redan. We can also assist with information about funeral costs and prepaid funerals in Ballarat.