Embracing Memories This Christmas: Memorial Ideas After the Loss of a Loved One

December 7, 2023

Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness, but for those who have lost a loved one, it can be a period of deep reflection and remembrance. In Ballarat, F.W. Barnes understands the significance of this time for families who are grieving. This article provides thoughtful and comforting ideas for creating memorials during Christmas, helping families in Ballarat to honour their loved ones in special ways during the holiday season.

1. Memorial Ornaments

Creating a personalised Christmas ornament is a touching way to remember a loved one. This could be as simple as a photo ornament, a bauble with their name, or something they loved. Each year, as the family decorates the tree, this ornament can serve as a gentle reminder of the loved one and their continued presence in family traditions.

2. Light a Candle of Remembrance

A simple yet powerful gesture is to light a special candle in memory of the loved one. Doing this at a significant moment, such as during Christmas dinner or on Christmas Eve, can create a peaceful moment of remembrance and reflection for the whole family.

3. Share Stories and Memories

Dedicating time to share stories and memories of the loved one can be comforting. This can be an informal session around the Christmas tree or a more structured moment during the family meal, allowing everyone to share and reflect on the joyful times spent with their loved one.

4. Christmas Donation in Their Honour

If the loved one was passionate about a cause or charity, making a Christmas donation in their name can be a meaningful way to honour their legacy. This act of giving not only keeps their spirit alive but also helps others in need.

5. Visit Their Resting Place

Visiting the cemetery or memorial site of the loved one can provide a sense of closeness and peace. Leaving a Christmas wreath or a note can be a way to feel connected to them during the festive season.

6. Prepare Their Favorite Meal

Including the loved one’s favourite dish in the Christmas meal is a way to keep their memory alive. It can also encourage family members to reminisce and share stories about past holidays spent together.

7. Start a New Tradition in Their Memory

Creating a new Christmas tradition in memory of the loved one can be a comforting way to adapt to their absence. This could be an activity they enjoyed or something new that the family feels would honour their memory.


Remembering a loved one during Christmas can bring both comfort and sadness. F.W. Barnes in Ballarat understands this challenging time. For those looking for ways to memorialise a loved one during the holiday season, these ideas can offer a starting point.