Crafting a Heartfelt Eulogy

January 2, 2024

Writing a eulogy is a deeply personal and meaningful task, often filled with emotion. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the life of a loved one and to share their story with others. F.W. Barnes in Ballarat recognises the importance of this task and offers guidance on how to write a eulogy that honours the memory of your loved one. This article provides tips and advice to help you craft a heartfelt and memorable eulogy.

1. Reflect on the Life of Your Loved One

Start by taking some time to reflect on the life of the person you are honouring. Think about their personality, their life’s journey, their passions, and their impact on those around them. Jot down memories, anecdotes, and characteristics that stand out.

2. Gather Stories and Insights

A eulogy can be enriched by including stories and insights from other family members and friends. Reach out to them to gather different perspectives and memories that you might not be aware of.

3. Create an Outline

Organise your thoughts by creating an outline for the eulogy. This can include an introduction, key life events, personal stories, their impact on others, and a conclusion. An outline will help you structure the eulogy and ensure that it flows coherently.

4. Write from the Heart

When writing the eulogy, let your emotions and sincerity guide you. A eulogy doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s more important that it’s heartfelt and genuine. Speak honestly about the person, including both their strengths and their quirks.

5. Practice Delivery

Once you have written the eulogy, practice delivering it. This can help you manage your emotions on the day and ensure that the eulogy is well-paced and clear. Remember, it’s okay to show emotion during the eulogy.

6. Keep It Appropriate in Length

Aim for the eulogy to be around five to ten minutes long. This is usually enough time to cover the key aspects of the person’s life without being too lengthy.

7. Include a Personal Touch

Consider including a personal touch in the eulogy, such as a favourite poem, a quote, or a song lyric that was meaningful to your loved one. This can add a unique and personal element to the tribute.

8. Be Prepared for the Day

On the day of the funeral, have a printed copy of the eulogy with you. Bring water and take a moment to compose yourself before speaking. Remember, the audience is there to support you and share in the celebration of your loved one’s life.


Writing a eulogy is a special way to pay tribute to a loved one. It’s an opportunity to share their story and the impact they had on the lives of those around them. F.W. Barnes in Ballarat is here to support you through this process, offering guidance and compassion. For more information and support, visit F.W. Barnes.