Born on December 7, 1939. Passed away August 14, 2021.

Loving Husband of Marjolyn and father to Darren, Luana and Sarah


You held our hands when we were small, you caught us when we fell

The hero of our childhood and the latter years as well.


Every time we think of you, our hearts just fill with pride

And though we will always miss you dad, we know you are by our side.


In laughter and in sorrow, in sunshine and in rain

We know you are watching over us, until we meet again.


Rest in peace dad x

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  1. Dad I miss you !
    You were my Dad, my Mum, my protector, my confidant, my voice of reason, my funny man, my hero and my safe place . Dad you were my everything .
    I will miss you and think of you every minute of every day. Thank you for being a wonderful father and loving me so unconditionally . I love you with all my heart.
    Luana , Gary and Lily

    Luana Cresswell August 20 2021
  2. Growing up with Peter, inevitably I followed into panel beating and spray painting. We worked for several panel beaters at Horsham, Ballarat and Melbourne, sharing accommodation and life experience. I recall Peter twice persuading employers to give their migrant employees a chance to learn panel work. Both men gained careers within the trade. Peter recognized eagerness and aptitude to give others a go.
    Highly regarded for repairing difficult jobs, he would see ways to strain crumpled vehicles back to shape then finish metal to as good as new. His work required the least preparation to achieve a good paint job. Peter attributed his left – handedness as an advantage manipulating panel working tools; when that era required skills, rather than replacing or writing off.
    Working for others limited him, consequently he created his own opportunities.
    From those years I fondly acknowledge Lily and Paul (both deceased) and Darren and Luana.
    Laurie O’Beirne.

    Laurie O'Beirne August 22 2021
  3. A good friend and work mate for over 50 years remembering the good old days of Creswick Rd and home at white law Avenue the good old Bathurst days with Church boys and the other great memories that we had Darren and Luana growing up Rest In Peace mate BEDGY

    David Bedggood August 24 2021
  4. Rest in peace uncle Peter. Thank you for all the help that you have extended to us here in Phils and to the entire Custodio clan. You are such a good man.

    Marnie August 26 2021
  5. You were a fantastic brother-in-law who became a pathway for us Custodios of coming to Australia. One thing I will never forget was your sincerity in extending your generosity towards our family in the Philippines. You were loved by us and thank you so much for everything.
    We will miss you dearly, your memories will remain in our hearts forever.
    Goodbye Peter, until we meet again 🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙

    Ailyn & Bill Jones August 26 2021
  6. dear grandpa,
    l know l get my generous, kind heart from you,you meant so much to me. you are so wonderful to me but life is life

    i’ll miss you
    rest in pease
    love Georgie

    Georgie O'Beirne August 26 2021
  7. Mr Peter O’Beirne, how do you describe him, I will try. Peter and I and others including his brother Chris and John Mc Mc Kinnon have be good friends and mates for over 40 years, we have had some great times together, had a few drinks along the way and celebrated life and mateship. We have all been grateful of Peter’s help when we have needed it and in return we have helped him, it has be a 2 way street and we have all embraced it. 25 years ago I asked Peter for help to meet a new partner as he was married to his lovely wife Margie. He arrange me to meet my now wife Ivy and I haven’t looked back thankyou Peter. We have been pretty much inseparable since. All those long talks over the kitchen table, discussing the world problems, I sure we solved a few. Being with you over the last couple of years especially the last 12 months has been hard seeing you slipping away. I new the day would come to say goodbye but it has been really hard. A great mate, a great bloke, we would love to send you off with a great farewell. We will find a way. Farewell Peter, I love you as a great mate.
    Regards, Alan.

    Alan Barclay August 26 2021
  8. R.I .P Peter, you were, and always will be ,very special to me, I have great memories of times gone by, Darren and Luana are always my niece and nephew and always loved , condolences to Peter’s entire family , a great man will be missed by many, many people, I also speak for Dean ,Adam, and Simon . Beverley and Brian Maynard

    BEVERLEY MAYNARD August 26 2021
  9. Completely heartbroken that you’ve gone. You fought your illness for so long and you were exhausted, but you don’t have to fight it anymore dad, you’re now at peace. I can’t imagine my life without you in it and I’ll miss everyday but I’ll remember the good times and how wonderful it was to have you as my dad.

    Love you,
    Sarah, Brendan, and your cheeky boys Tom & Arlo

    Sarah, Brendan, Tom & Arlo August 26 2021
  10. Saw Peter once when they had their holiday here in the Philippines,and Sarah was too cute and small that time.I remembered Peter talked to me and was so nervous,because my English was not good.I just want to thank you for everything you have done in our family,we will miss you until we meet again

    Susan Custodio August 26 2021
  11. Dear Uncle Peter, I have fond memories of visiting you, Aunty Margie and Sarah in Ballarat when I was little with Mum and Dad. A funny man who my parents spoke very highly of, and the photos of you in our family albums prove that. May you Rest In Peace xx

    Natasha Thiele August 26 2021
  12. Saw Peter once when they had their holiday here in the Philippines,and Sarah was too small that time,I remembered he talked to me and was so nervous because my English was not good.Just wanna thank PETER for what you’ve done in our family much appreciated.we will never forget you,we will miss you until we meet again.

    Susan C. Barrera August 26 2021
  13. He will be remembered always thankful for his kindness a man with more knowledge regarding motor vehicle , I always remember the first Nissan urban I bought he fixed it for me, actually three of my motor vehicle he fixed he is no longer with us but he is always in my heart forever missed you buddy you are resting now you don’t have to worry what’s going on around the world your time has come you have a wonderful 81 years of this world help heaps to me good bye my friend. Thank you for your help to bring me here in land of plenty Australia thank you thank you thank you so much my life would not be the same . Everything have a season a time to laugh and time to cry time to born and time to die though you are gone before us you are in my heart my lovely brother in law. Thank you for helping us including our family back home . Good bye my friend . We love you always Jun, Naizell, Jeremy and Ben

    Jun Custodio August 26 2021
  14. R.I.P PETER you have earned your rest, I have the fondest memories from. Times gone
    by , your sense of humour was unique, condolences to Darren ,Luana,Sarah ,and Margy you will always be my nephew and niece Luana and Darren and always loved dearly love Aunty Bev and Uncle Brian I als speak for Dean Adam and Simon

    Beverley maynard August 27 2021
  15. Dear grandpa
    I get my generous,kind heart from you. You always help me when I fall down. I know you got sick but you are in a good place now. I miss you but life is life. Rest in peace
    Love Georgie ❤❤🙏

    Georgie O'Beirne August 27 2021
  16. See you again our friend … never was a dull moment when Mr o’ Beirne and Mr den Ouden were in company . Rest easy mate and don’t eat the mushrooms up there …. You never know . Till we meet again. ❤️❤️

    Kaye van egmond August 27 2021

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